Sapienza PhD in ICT

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General open call

Each year the Sapienza PhD in ICT program issues an open call for enrolling new students, with application deadline usually set in early July. The selection procedure, carried out by a committee composed by three members of the PhD board, takes place in September and is composed of two steps:

  • The evaluation of the application package submitted by the candidates at application time;
  • An oral interview (which can be carried out by teleconference for foreign students).

The final ranking is released shortly after the selection procedure. Students in the top positions are exempted from paying tuition, and are offered a fellowship (about € 13.000 per year).  Students that achieve a score above the acceptance threshold but  are not in top positions in the ranking can enter the program without fellowship.

Documents related to current open call and information about the outcome of selection procedures can be found here.


Additional calls reserved to foreign students

In addition to the general open call described above, foreign students have two additional opportunities to enter the PhD program:

  • An open call reserved to foreign students is issued every year, usually around March. The call gives access to a few positions with fellowship, with a procedure very similar to the general one described above.
  • Foreign candidates who do not wish to compete for a fellowship can apply for additional PhD positions, referred to as “supernumerary”. Foreign supernumerary PhD students can be admitted, based on the documents submitted as part of the application package and on an oral interview, up to one third of the positions offered by the DIET PhD course for that year. The call for supernumerary positions is issued together with the general open call, and the same deadlines apply. 

Prospective students can find the details of the application procedures on the Sapienza PhD administrative office web-page. Relevant documents will however be made available on this page as well, so interested students are advised to check this page periodically.