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Courses and Seminars



The Doctoral program PhD in ICT offers  courses and organizes seminars, that are specifically intended for PhD students of the program. These courses and seminars are open to all; PhD students of other programs, as well as Master students are welcome to attend the events.

Students enrolled in the Doctoral Program Sapienza PhD in ICT are required to take courses and seminars as part of their formation and research activities, and as described in more detail in the Doctoral Program Form section. Courses organized by the Doctoral program, as listed below, can be included in the Doctoral Program and, if passed, may provide Credit Formation Units (CFUs). The number of CFUs that can be acquired with each course  is specified in the corresponding course page; roughly 1CFU, for doctoral courses as of this section, corresponds to 6 hours of lecture in class (against the 8 hours that are typical for courses of the Master degree).

As for seminars, the Doctoral Program launches in April 2015 a series of seminars, as listed below, that take place at the DIET Department usually on Thursdays at 1.15 pm. A networking session between 2 and 2.30 p.m. follows the seminar. Students of Sapienza PhD in ICT are strongly encouraged to attend the seminars on a regular basis, in order to broaden their research exposure and find synergies as well as create links with other research fields and research fellows. Certified attendance in 3 seminars allows acquiring 1 CFU.